Let’s try this again…

So here is the story behind this blog…

I have had THE WORST stomach problems my entire life. And I mean my entire life. I remember in first grade getting “the talk” from my mom that I could not go home sick every single week. But what can I say, my belly hurt! 

Most of my life it has been up and down. I have never been able to really pinpoint the problem. The list of foods that have all made me sick? Greasy fast food (check). Sugar (of course). Milk, toast, salad, apples, oranges, Water, AIR. But seriously… I could never figure out what it was! My senior year in high school I dropped 15 lbs because I just gave up. I decided to live on applesauce and sprite. I felt like crap if I ate anything! So off to the doctors I went… x-rays. scopes and probes (I won’t go into details) gave me the results of… “it’s in your head”. OK thanks Doc and $2,000 later. Well yes I do know that when I get super stressed and anxious I end up getting my stomach all in knots. I think that isn’t too abnormal anyway. That was not the complete story though because as I paid more attention and got older I knew when it was that and when it was… “I HAVE NO IDEA”.

A few months ago I found some blogs about being Gluten Free. I brushed it off at first, until I read more. Common symptoms of being gluten intolerant; Gastric problems, anxiety, fatigue, migraines, joint pain. (Plus many more). Too many of the symptoms pertained to me to completely ignore it. So my trial started… 3 weeks without anything containing gluten. I ended up going for about 5 weeks and I felt so much better! It did take about 2 1/2 weeks to notice a difference. From what I read I learned that it takes about that time to get the gluten out of your system. I definitely couldn’t say yet about my migraines or any other symptoms but my stomach aches were down to maybe once a week and not very bad ones. That’s amazing to me since I have struggled with daily aches and pains my entire life. 

I ended up getting so extremely busy that I messed up my good eating. I feel awful as I write this. AWFUL. So here I go again… trying again. This is a life style change that was worth it, so I need to stay with it. Here is my journey. I plan on telling about my struggles, my trial and errors, and maybe my own advice eventually! 


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