Pita Pit is a win!

So my hardest meal of the day being GF is lunch. I am all about quick lunches on my work lunch break or in between classes, or even worst between the two. I try to make things to take with me, but some mornings I am just running so late (Not a morning person even a little). So here we have the trouble… where to go for lunch that I can actually eat? Fast food options are not an option. Not that I was a huge fast food person anyway. So I usually go for a salad someplace. We have a little cafe down the street from my work that is great! But the same place every day? No thanks. So today I switched it up.

I have been to Pita Pit a few times in the past but decided to try their salads today since the pita is not GF. And what a great choice! Huge portions for about $6! I hate plain food. So I love all the options of toppings. I put just about everything on it and went with chicken today! SO DELICIOUS. First you get to pick your lettuce; shredded, romaine, spinach, or a mixture if you like. Next, whatever meat (or none). And they do not skimp on the meat like some places! Then tons of veggies, cheese, and dressings to pick from. So many combinations to come up with without costing an arm and a leg. So if you are GF (or if you aren’t), head over!


Pita Pit’s Gluten Free Menu: http://pitapit.ca/wp-content/uploads/2013/05/Pita-Pit-Allergen-Info-May-2013-2.pdf